Alex Collins

Email Developer

About Me

Hello, my name is Alex Collins. I am an aspiring email developer with a passion for learning and teaching
email development.

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Project One Image

Project One

This is my newsletter email using mailchimp. It was created to inform clients of new exciting places to travel. I enjoyed making this project.

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Project Two Image

Project Two

This is my email newsletter using mailchimp; created to inform clients of Karaj's new national security law. This project was pretty tricky.

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Project Three Image

Project Three

This is my transactional email using mailchimp. This idea was from an actual receipt that I had received. This had been my favorite project by far.

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Project Four Image

Project Four

This is my first landing page that I created. This idea came from a nearby Indian reservation in my own state. This was the easiest project to make.

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Project five Image

Project Five

I recreated this promotional email from a email that I had been sent from a recent promotion. I think it was perfect the way I had created it.

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Project six Image

Project six

This Mtn Dew email by far was my favorite project. It is again, based on another transactional that I had received and was very fun to create.

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